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This assessment is NOT just an introduction… It is Possibly the First TIME in your life YOU STOP wasting time

If YOU feel lost in TIME…Stuck in TIME then Coach Angie Slater could be Exactly who you WANT to talk to right Now

Learn How You Could Install the 5 Pillars of Exceptional Time-Techniques

Pillar 1: GRACEFUL USES OF TIME (10 years of experience made easy)

Pillar 2: Deep Essence of Fulfilment

Pillar 3: Motivation-Like Conviction to Your Time

Pillar 4: Presence of Moment (Your Heart Tells you)


Call Now for a FREE 30 Minute Assessment
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99% of people are not willing to do whatever it takes to make their dreams come true.

This Moment is the beginning of the rest of your life…

We have all heard some-one in our life tell us to ‘stop wasting time or to take our time.”

Perhaps there is a moment when you were “having the time of your life.”

We all think we have all the time in the world until one day we look at our lives and think, “we are running out of time.”

Make it the first time you say YES to Yourself AND What you want for LIFE.
Make it the first TIME you say NO to unhealthy food, the last TIME you pick up a cigarette, the next TIME you say yes to getting outside your comfort zone and the quality TIME that makes your life more fulfilling.

TIME-COACH can’t stop TIME, but we can help you with your first TIME, your last TIME, your next TIME and your quality TIME to make your TIME in your life exactly as you want it to be right NOW!

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Have you ever been asked

“How Much TIME do You Have?” by someone wanting to tell you a long story, your life is a long story…
So let me ask YOU: Do you know how much time you have?

“Taking pictures stops time, committing moments to eternity” -Kodachrome, 2018).

Let me help you create graceful moments in TIME that define you.
Set your life on fire and seek those who fan your flames.

Prioritize who you are, who you want to be!

Get Rid of the Excuses… and STOP wasting TIME…

Let us HELP YOU inadvertently find yourself to spend more TIME in more places that are healthy for you… that bring you more joy.

We all have those moments when TIME stops just long enough for that moment to be committed to our subconscious mind for eternity.

Some of those moments in TIME are good, some not, but all of them are what make us unique. Each TIME giving us a lesson that we can Choose to stop, fail, or keep moving and succeed.

Each Moment in TIME is part of the human experience. A life consisting of billions of moments in TIME that make our life fulfilled. So if you feel lost in TIME or stuck in TIME, Angie can help.

SO Make this Moment in TIME Matter

Click the BLUE CALL Button Now for a FREE 30 Minute Assessment 0413 062 710


Want to improve your health or stop unhealthy habits causing you stress. Let us help guide you to reduce this stress and find the path to 'Motivation-Like Conviction’ to a deep essence of fulfilment.

Your TIME of Your life Starts Today!

Click the BLUE CALL Button Now for a FREE 30 Minute Assessment 0413 062 710

Quit Killing Your control

Gain Self-Control

And the Power to…

“SAY NO’ to Smoking

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With Each Smoke you smoke you're giving up control of your choices.

With the Power of…

Conscious Empowerment you can learn to say ‘NO’ one step at a time.

Come discover what a stop smoking coach can do to amplify your potential to quit. You can do this, and take back control they have had over you.

Your freedom from concerns are all solved with one phone call to coach Angie Slater

Stop Smoking Browns Plains
Stop Smoking Gold Coast
Stop Smoking Brisbane

Call NOW for a FREE 30 Minute Assessment

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Your Ideal Body

Your self Identity

And the power of…

The Vibrational Patterns of change
How to rectify the facts in your Self Identity and self belief
that prevent you from the behaviours and action required to achieve your ideal body- without feeling constricted.

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Our habitual results emerge from our habitual behaviours…
We are 7 Steps away from Personal Transformation and Personal Mastery.

Browns Plains Weight Loss Centre
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Brisbane Weight Loss Centre

Call NOW for a FREE 30 Minute Assessment

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"I've been coaching with Angie for the last 4 months. I've asked her to help me with improving my communication skills, particularly in the area of romance. In this time, I have grown to be more "real" and "vulnerable" in my communication. This has opened up more possibilities in my relationship.

She is a professional and is committed to challenging me to view situations from different perspectives - all within a supportive, safe and non-judgemental space.

I highly recommend Angie to anyone seeking life coaching and business coaching." 

-  Andrew Low

"One of the singles groups I joined was the single friends meetup group hosted by Angie.

Angie was welcoming and very easy to chat to and after hearing my online dating story suggested I complete a life coaching course with her. I was certainly not a newcomer to self development and was very open to learn and work on why dating was so hard for me.

Being successful and confident in business even though attractive qualities doesn't help unless I could be the same with dating.

As I worked through the course with Angie many limiting beliefs were identified, challenged and worked though. 

Angie also helped me to see that to attract the right person for a successful relationship was all about becoming the best version of me that I could. Ouch! that was a tough but rewarding journey!

Core values, virtues and beliefs.. didn't have a clue what was about but Angie explained and assisted me with understanding what they were and how important they are in successful relationships 

I now live everyday knowing I have everything inside me to be a contented happy person and have started building a healthy relationship with a awesome girl ..."

- Alan Richards

I’m Juanita, I smoked for 24 years. Smoking was my best friend, my stress relief and my ME TIME-away from my kids out side.
I had tried many time before to give up, with patches and also trying to go cold turkey.

One day I was holding my grand daughter I thought-SHIT what if something happens to me, who will look after my kids??? The price of smokes was through the roof, and the price was increasing really fast.

I decided to go and see Angie and try hypnosis. Did I think it would work -HELL NO but I was willing to try anything.
I walked in to the room with Angie and was made to feel really comfortable. I can’t remember much even to this day, but after my 1st session I haven’t brought another packet of smokes.

Almost 4 months later I am still not smoking.

Giving up isn’t easy but having someone to support you all the way helps. I know I have done a great thing not just for my kids or my grand daughters but mainly for myself.

Angie I can never thank you enough and would totally recommend you. Thank you

- Juanita Reo


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